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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement is the process through which asbestos containing building materials is evaluated for integrity to determine whether it should be removed or what kind of steps should be taken to minimize the health risks associated with asbestos.

Asbestos Abatement & Management processes can be carried out in different ways. These can be :

1. Complete removal of the asbestos containing product. This process is the most expensive process where the particular product which contains asbestos related health diseases is removed from the structure. This process should always be conducted by a reputable, well trained, and an experienced asbestos abatement professional.

2. Another way is which asbestos abatement process is carried out is Encapsulation, in which materials are sealed in order to prevent any health threats.

3. Enclosure which involves building a new airtight structure around asbestos containing products. These procedures are less expensive than removal, though they require further maintenance and monitoring for asbestos hazards.

Asbestos products that do not pose a threat to human health can be left alone if no fibers are being released into the air. This is the most inexpensive asbestos abatement option. If the materials are to remain intact, it is important to conduct frequent monitoring in order to ensure complete safety.

We, at AMX, have completed removal projects in high rise office buildings, schools, hotels, refineries, commercial buildings, department stores, hospitals, landfills, occupied and vacant buildings and more. We apply cost saving methods & equipment for the most complex projects. We have an excellent reputation among our clients, architects, consultants and regulatory agencies, who often recommend us.
Our fundamental focus on health, safety, environmental compliance and quality workmanship has produced the safest, most environmentally conscious group of trained professionals in the industry.

Our personnel undergo extensive training in accordance with OSHA guidelines, and participate in ...

AMX Companies has the ability to travel and utilize our special skills and services all over the world.   We have been traveling for several years to accommodate our customers needs worldwide.
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